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VAG505 super professional VW/AUDI scanner

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Product Name: VAG505 super professional VW/AUDI scanner
Part No.: VAG505
Net Weight: 0.8KG

1. Applications
VAG505 is the higher version based on VAG5053 with powerful function. It supports all cars under brand of VW, AUDI, SKODA and SEAT. With its smart appearance but powerful function, it can be conveniently used and can be run detachedly without support of PC. And it Support UDS vehicle protocols.
2. Available Functions
 Controller Info
 Fault Codes
 Clear Codes
 Measuring Blocks
 Output Tests
 Basic Settings
 Adaptation
 Coding
 Security Access
 Advanced ID
 Readiness
3. Supported Systems
VAG505/MINI VAG505 can support the following systems:
 Engine
 Auto Trans
 ABS Brakes
 Auto HVAC
 Cent. Elect.
 Airbags
 Steering wheel
 Instruments
With other systems totally over ten here not listed one by one.
4. Professional function.
 Oil Reset
 Srs Reset
 Odometer

5. Main features
 Favorable----about only 10% of that of professional tool.
 Powerful function-----with all the function of VAG1551/1552.
 Powered via diagnostic connector, no need of power exteriorly charged.
 Conveniently connection and simply operation.

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